My Bear Chainsaw Carving Journey

I started carving in 2014 and was very fortunate to have a incredible mentor named "Bongo Love". Bongo grew up in a stone carving town in Zimbabwe, Africa. So I started my wooden sculpting journey learning from the best sculpture mentor I could ask for. We would travel all over the US chainsaw carving by day and playing music by night (it was a great time). When I started carving i secretly thought I wouldn't be a regular bear chainsaw carver so i really started out carving people and birds but that all changed one day in Breckenridge, CO I met a great business owner John of Breck Bears. Breck Bears as you can tell (from the name) sold lots of chainsaw carved bears all through out Colorado. This was in 2015 that i started seriously carving wooden bears the bears would range from 6inch bears to 10 ft Grizzly bear carvings but mostly between 1ft, 2ft and 3ft Bears with welcome signs. People In Colorado Loved my bears for there front porches, cabins, gardens and some people just wanted to own sculpture from me. I chainsaw carved thousands of bears for people and now I love to carve bears because I've worked so hard to perfect my bear style and each bear i carve i get a little bit better. So when you purchase a wooden welcome bear from the woodcarvers you are getting a true piece of art that is made with love for the craft and that I have spent countless hours of my life perfecting. Needless to say i take pride in my bears and I know that weather they are for you or you are giving as a gift each bear is marvelous and unique and will make anyone happy to see these wood bears in person.


Robert Lyon 

Artist/ CEO The woodcarvers


The wooden bear statue has several meanings that will inspire those who have this animal as totem:

  • The primary meaning of the bear spirit animal is strength and confidence
  • Standing against adversity; taking action and leadership
  • The spirit of the the bear indicates it’s time for healing or using healing abilities to help self or others
  • The wooden bear emphasizes the importance of solitude, quiet time, rest
  • The spirit of the bear provides strong grounding forces