Chainsaw carving bears has become one of my favorite things to do because I have carved so many. Now I am fully at home with my chainsaw when carving a bear. My bear carvings have come a very long way from when I first started. Now its like riding a bike, if you were paid to ride a bike and had to ride a bike every day you would get pretty good at riding a bike and you would eventually feel at home on a bike. Chainsaw carving a bear is home now for me and each bear I create is becoming something so beautiful because I have got so good that now each bear I can play with how it looks I can make it move or dance because I understand what a bear looks like and what there anatomy is like. I have made big wooden bears and little wooden bears as well as dancing bears, swinging bears, climbing bears, brown bears carvings and black bear carvings. My favorite bears to carve all life like but I also enjoy carving happy welcome bears because I like the idea of creating something happy that makes you smile whenever you come home. Thanks For Looking, The Woodcarvers

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