Eagle Chainsaw Carvings For Sale 

These particular eagle chainsaw sculptures shows the remarkable grain that is so prevalent in the carvings.   The eagles are approximately three feet tall with a short base which will allow the wood art to be displayed on the client's conference table.

Chainsaw Carved eagle

Americas Favorite Bird Of Prey The Bald Eagle Chainsaw Carving Is The Perfect Piece Of Art For Any Home. A Chainsaw Wood Carving Of An Eagle Are Made To Order And Are For Sale With Free Shipping, So Buy Your Eagle Chainsaw Wood Carving Today Because Our Chainsaw Carved Eagles Are For Sale!

The wood carvers love carving eagles. Big eagles, small eagles, wings up, wings out, flying and even with baby eaglets. I have been carving wooden eagle statues for years now and eagles have become one of my favorite chainsaw carvings to carve. I carve bald eagle chainsaw carvings and golden eagle chainsaw carving and all types of birds of prey but eagles are America symbol of freedom and majestic power. The eagle has so many meanings but being able to be free and hunt and fly is the freedom i think of when i think of when i think the eagle so i put movement and power in every chainsaw carved eagle i create. I try and make every eagle statue i carve look like its about to take flight or the key to eagles is realism mixed with a bit of a serious look in the eyes.

How I carve eagles

I start with a good log and do a brief sketch of the eagle. Then begin to block out the eagle using big chainsaw typical 18-20 inch bar after the log is blocked i begin using the a smaller saw usally 6-10 inch carving bar I start with doing the feathers the the face the feet and base of the eagle after the eagle carving is fully chainsaw carved i begin to use a grinder to smooth the body of sculpture after the full piece is grinded I use a dremel bit and begin to do finer details after that come the eyes I make an interesting tool for the eye’s of the carving after this i begin to use a sander and sand smooth the rest of the eagle carving. I then use a brown wood stain on the eagles body after i use a airbrush to touch up the final parts of the carving. after a little final clean up I use polyurethane and spar varnish multiple times till the carving is fully sealed and finished.