What To Do With An Old Tree Stump In Your Backyard? Hire an Artist to Chainsaw Carve it into a Custom Pet, Bear, Stool etc …!
You can call a company to come out and remove the stump and leave the yard looking great or you can go with a much more interesting way to utilize the stump. One way that people are using the stumps is to have them carved into a fun and interesting piece of art. Chainsaw Carvings offer fantastic tree stump chainsaw sculpting art to change your old tree stump into an enviable discussion piece!

Sculpt Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings lists what can be finished with a stump in your backyard or on your property.
Does the Tree Stump Need To Be Removed? If you have a stump in your backyard or you have a tree that requires to be removed you can check out having the stump carved. You do not require to have the stump taken out of the backyard to have it sculpted. You can leave the stump in the ground. Sculpt Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carving artists can carry out the work in your backyard. You can have whatever kind of carving you desire. This can be anything from a bear or dog to a bench or stool.
Can the Tree Stump Be Sculpted Once it is Removed? Chainsaw Carvings and have it expertly carved. And simply like all the wood used by the wood carvers!
Do I Required My Own Tree Stump to Get a Chainsaw Art Carving? You do not require to have your own piece of wood to get a piece of chainsaw art made for you. Our skilled chainsaw artists pieces of wood readily available (you can ask for a specific design and size of wood that will best develop into the sculpting that you desire). We likewise have many of our popular carvings in stock prepared for you to purchase.


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  1. I am curious on the cost of having an artist come and to piece on a 10’ stump I have in the back years – want to do something “Green Bay Packer” theme- just not sure if cost is too much.

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