From Stump Removal to Garden Sculpture and Statues

From Stump Removal to Garden Sculpture and Statues Hey, this is Robert from the woodcarvers. Ever question what to do with the dying trees on your property? Occasionally individuals are aiming to get rid of a stump from their garden, often the passing away wood protrudes like a sore thumb. Most people simply try as […]

Fall Chainsaw Carving

the wood carvers

Autumn Wood Chainsaw Carvings; Pumpkins, Trees, Spooky Goblins, Ghosts, Spiders & Much more When the periods alter the majority of people enjoy to adjust to the weather as well as the activities that go with fall. The summer season are a fun time of year yet by the end lots of people are delighted for […]

The Chainsaw Carving Process

Process of Chainsaw Art Wood Carvings from Start To End up! Reclaimed Wood Choice, Carving, Sanding, Burning & Sealing.If you have actually ever wondered about the art of chainsaw sculpting.Chainsaw Carving information on what it takes to go from a natural reclaimed piece of wood to a lovely completed piece of art. Chainsaw art is […]